Sunday, April 5, 2015

Commemorative Bird House

My Plan

My mom died 7 years ago after a ten year battle with cancer. You never really loose your mother though. You carry her in your heart every day! Thinking about my mother and how much she loved birds. I love to feed birds too! I love to sit and watch them and identify the different ones that come to visit our feeders. Even the pesky Squirrels don’t bother me...
I also love this verse about sparrows…Lk

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Practice and prepare
So I struggled as I got started. I made three pinch pots of various sizes and attempted to create the basic form. It was difficult and looking at them now I think I still need a lot of work on getting the “sparrow look” See my little painting of the sparrow in the background. I used it as a guide. My Form actually turnout out a little too tall and slender to be a sparrow… Maybe I will turn it into another type of Bird.. like a cardinal? I don’t know

Thinking ahead I attached a loop handle so I would have a way to hang my Bird Birdhouse to the hook! I also added a slab of clay that I will eventually care to look like features to the back of the form

Day 2
I am going to work on the head some more today and the tail feathers and perhaps go ahead and cut a hole in the belly for function.. I may create a perching 

Friday, March 28, 2014

POST #3 PLAN for Cylinder

I am making a replacement small pitcher for my sister because she like the one I made in the past but the handle eventually broke off.. They used it every day, it was the perfect size for them to pour their own milk in the cereal

This image didn't work well for the cylinder... because when it wrapped around I could see the "m"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Post #1 PRODUCT Soft Slabs- Slump Molds, Surface Design:Stencil, Scraffito, Texture

I had so much fun working with the soft slabs I could just go one and on!
In the first three images I used an aluminum pie plate as a slump mold and the drop techniques to give a nice gentle concave depression in the clay.

Before scraffito to flower

After scraffito

Plastic... texture only

Underglaze added

POST #2 Find Inspiration: Planning for Unit: Cylinders- Technique #1 Carving and adding Handles

Post #2 Planning for Unit: Cylinders- Technique #1 Carving and adding Handles
Find 3 images and Describe…Using the wheels above
·      2 examples of a basic cylinder FORM that have different FUNCTIONS
·      1 example of Carving on Ceramics….

Basic Cylinder:

Function 1

 5 sentences

Function 2

 5 sentences


 5 sentences

ALL THREE POST ASSIGNMENTS: Final Post for Soft Slab Unit... Planning for Cylinder Unit


Post # 1 UNIT SOFT SLABS and Surface Design (texture, scrafitto, stenciling)

Show at least 2 images (quality) of your work drawing, inspiration or initial start… then show where completed work OR whatever the current state it is in.
Write Reflection on this
·      Discuss your idea what inspired you and why.
·      Discuss how this technique can be used to create various forms and function
·      Discuss your own success and failure through the process of experimenting, and then moving into planning preparing your more formal individual Self Directed work

Post #2 Planning for Unit: Cylinders- Technique #1 Carving and adding Handles
Find 3 images and Describe…Using the wheels above
·      2 examples of a basic cylinder FORM that have different FUNCTIONS
·      1 example of Carving on Ceramics….

Post #3: Planning Composition for Cylinder
Find a Motif that you would like to use for a pattern in a wrap around th form composition
Find typography that will be used to create a Monogram combined with a Symbol…
Post your Plan/Idea

See Mrs. Murrays Blog for example:

Note the second assignment in this unit will be to create the Altered Cylinder through pinching, darting and or paddling

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trivet tiles